K-beauty testing panel: Editor mature skin 40+ Korean skin care K-beauty Europe

K-beauty testing panel: Editor mature skin 40+

The first member of the K-beauty testing panel is of course the editor of this blog. Woman around 40 with dry skin and early signs of aging.

Editor – mature skin 40+

I’m a stressed self-employed mother of small children, who always had good skin more or less. By now, I’m almost 40, I have noticed an increasing number of fine lines and small wrinkles. I decided to start taking care of my skin properly. That is actually how I discovered snail creams, Korea, started this blog and the rest is history. I have dry skin, fine lines, small wrinkles and some pimples and breakouts during stress. My skin feels tight after washing. I usually prefer rich and thick skin care products rather than very thin products containing, for example alcohol.

I have previously used fairly inexpensive skin care such as Nivea Soft cream / 5 euro from the nearest supermarket. But I have also tried serums, eye creams and face creams from brands like Loreal, Yves Rocher and Nivea. Sometimes I’ve even treated myself with high-end products like Dior or Clarins, but very rarely and only on sale (we’re talking once every decade). My skin care have mainly consisted of shower gel + any random face cream for most of my life. But don’t be alarmed, it’s never too late to start a proper skin care regimen.

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