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About the K-beauty Europe blog

Hello dear reader. This blog is all about Korean skin care & makeup. Join me and discover new and exciting products from Korea. Check out my reviews and see real authentic results on the skin.

Hi, my name is Olivia and I’m the founder of this blog.
It all began on a winter’s day in February some years ago. I was in sunny Spain with my family. I was 37, and to my horror I discovered too many fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I felt old. My skin was severely sun damaged, to the point I’ve actually had to go through skin cancer. Although I always looked young and fresh up to that point, my skin was taking a turn downhill, and it wasn’t pretty. I panicked and immediately started googling “snail cream”. The rest is history.

I sat for hours and weeks and watched one Youtube video after the other about Korean skin care. I was desperate and my skin was tired, dry and thirsty for nourishment. There were snails, python, bee venom and nano-technology, and I was immediately obsessed. I decided to try out korean skin care. And I’ve been taking all of you readers along with me on that journey. I’ll never go back to regular European skin care again!

After a few months I was totally hooked. I saw great results in my skin. And it wasn’t long before my family and my friends wanted to try out Korean skin care for themselves. Several of my friends are using K-beauty and have improved their skin in several ways. For example more hydrated balanced skin, natural healthy glow, decreased amount of wrinkles and some even got rid of acne & pimples. See our results here, authentic before and after images.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 65. Korean skin care has something for everyone. K-beauty Europe testing panel consists of young and old between 20-65. We represent oily, acne prone skin, combination, sensitive, mature and dry skin. We test Korean skin care products and makeup together and give our honest opinion in reviews and ratings.
(All products in our reviews have been tested by me, the author)
Ypu’ll find all of our korean product reviews here.

K-beauty stands for “Korean Beauty”. It’s said that Korea’s high-tech skin care is about 10-25 years ahead of Europe. Find out why here.

K-beauty Europe is not paid by any company to write about Korean products. This blog is based on private interest in Korean skin care and makeup. All reviews are based on personal, honest opinions and authentic results.