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I actually saw amazing results in 2 short weeks. Korean skin care cleared out my acne in a month.

// Julia

I have received so many tips from you and I use almost only Korean skin care nowadays.

// Maria

Hi, what a fantastic blog you have πŸ™‚ I love k-beauty, I usually order from Ebay and it works fine.

// LA

I found for your blog and I’m super curious and interested (more like obsessed ????). I have read every test you’ve done.

// Jaanika

I’m reading your blog with pleasure and I have ordered one product after the other after your recommendations.

// Cecilia

I’m completely shocked that have I become interested in skin care in my older days! Your blog carries much of the blame!

// Charlotte

YEY!! My skin can’t thank you enough after discovering your account!

// Fanny

Welcome to K-beauty Blog! β€Ί

Hi, my name is Olivia!

Welcome to K-beauty Blog Europe

If you've found this blog, you probably already know that Korean skin care is all about high quality, high-tech products that are also very cheap and affordable. In this blog I'll guide you through the jungle of K-beauty. I test and review products giving you valuable tips. I'll help you find skin care suitable for your skin type & skin concern, and where to shop at the cheapest prices. You can easily search for specific products or view content based on skin type, brand or type of product. The webshop contains only selected products that I've used myself and recommend. Read more about me here.

Welcome to a world of K-beauty!

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