Tonymoly Fruit Hand Cream Set x 4


4 x hand creams (banana, peach, tangerine, apple)

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Wonderful packaging
Sweet and fruity scnet
Moisturizing & softening

Tonymoly Fruit Hand Creams are a bunch of lovely hand creams with fun cute packaging looking like fruits. How about Peach, Mango, Banana, Red Apple and Tangerine. All hand creams have different softening and moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, seed butter, honey and various fruit extracts. The banana one is more of e “milk”, the mango one is called “hand butter” and they come in tubes. While apple, peach and mandarin are thicker hand creams in jars.

I like Tonymoly Fruit Hand Creams because they are really good hand creams in absolutely wonderful packaging. Cheap and very affordable from just 4-5 euros / pc. These hand creams are effectively moisturizing and softening dry rough hands in a matter of minutes. Nice fruity sweet scent. And who doesn’t want one of these sitting on the bathroom shelf, or at the office! Very cute and fun. This is no miracle product, but the hand cream does the job, is cheap and Tonymoly Fruit Hand Cream makes you happy. Perfect for a gift. I have tested Tonymoly Fruit Hand Cream in Mango and Peach, which both have a sweet lovely fruity scent. NOT for those sensitive to fragrance. Read all my full review on Tonymoly Peach Anti Aging Hand Cream here.

Tonymoly Fruit Hand Cream Set x 4

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